Vocal Coaching
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Vocal Coaching

Vocal coaching sessions provide a bespoke training programme, which is designed around each student's singing goals and aspirations, and are available online and in person. 

Every session covers essential singing techniques through carefully chosen vocal exercises and singing material.

A bundle of lessons are recommended to achieve the student's desired aim, as they include a theoretical follow-up, an audio recording of each session, an exclusive vocal training video file for systematic training, and online resources.

The aim of these sessions is to keep your voice in a healthy condition while developing your singing ability to its full potential!


Taster session one-to-one (30min) £15
1 one-to-one session (45min) £40*
5 one-to-one sessions (45min x 5) £175*
10 one-to-one sessions (45min x 10) £300*
Group Classes of 2 (45min) £20pp

Group Classes of 3+ (45min) £15pp

*All bundles are of advanced purchase only and operate on a 48 hours cancellation policy 

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