Vocal Coaching
Bringing new rhythm to the local community

Vocal Coaching

Elena specialises in contemporary singing technique and jazz voice stylistics. Working with piano, guitar and backing tracks, Elena tailors each session around student's needs, learning abilities, goals and aspirations and designs each vocal training programme through carefully chosen vocal and stylistics exercises, whilst working with the student's preferred singing material. 

Vocal coaching sessions are available online and in person, on one-to-one basis and in groups of two or more. A bundle of lessons are recommended to achieve the student's desired aim, as they include a theoretical follow-up, an audio recording, a video file and online resources for systematic training.

The aim of these sessions is to keep your voice in a healthy condition while developing your singing ability to its full potential!

Private Tuition Prices

Taster session one-to-one (30min) £20* 
1 one-to-one session (60min) £40*
5 one-to-one sessions (60min x 5) £175*
10 one-to-one sessions (60min x 10) £300*
Group classes of two (60min) £20pp*

*All sessions are of advance purchase only, non-refundable & operate on 48 hrs cancellation policy 


Pop-up school of vocals is Elena's initiative to encourage professional vocalists, songwriters and musicians to share their knowledge on music & performance with local communities.

The school offers drop-in group singing workshops, masterclasses, courses, exclusive showcases and welcomes people of all ages and abilities. 

Our Story

The first pop-up school was set up in 2014 in the London borough of Tower Hamlets, as a result of Elena's teaching training as a music educator at the British academy of New Music. The school was a weekly, four months long venture, and featured the founder of She choir, Ellie Estbrook.

Years on and those who took part were very fond of the project and always asked for more! Hence, a year and a half later, during the winter & spring of 2016 & 2017, the second pop-up school introduced a series of Masterclasses dedicated to Jazz, Blues, Ballads, Romani & Balkan genres. With acclaimed songwriters, musicians and performers Norma Jean Martine, Adam Bridges, Allegra Shock, Meg Cavanaugh and Dunja Botic, the school was held at the legendary Premises Studios, London, UK.

The 3rd school was dedicated to jazz vocals and was run on during the summer of 2018, in Scotland, across the city of Edinburgh, featuring acclaimed jazz singer Lorna Reid, vocal coach Nicholas Franck, and a musician & a lead vocalist from a swing band Radio Pachuco, Sophie Adams. Our last showcase, to mark the end of this project, was held on Tuesday 18th Sep 2018

Edinburgh Council Courses 

Currently, the school is happy to continue its journey with the help of Edinburgh Council. We offer a number of heavily subsidised courses throughout the city. First two jazz singing courses are run at the Drummond Community High School, and next courses are to be planned in the near future. To be informed of all future courses and classes, join our mailing list or email us for more information. 

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Over the last five years Elena has been coaching a number of professional and aspiring singers through individually devised private sessions, group workshops and classes around the UK. Working for others, Elena conducted vocal coaching sessions for students of the British Academy of New Music in London, where Elena was trained as a Music Educator; facilitated vocal training workshops for international producer Dash Arts at the Latitude Festival, Dacha Festival at Rich Mix London & Midsummer Festival for a couple of years, as well as one-off workshops such as voice coaching session for the Arts Council's Johnston Sheard's Kunstraum project in London and ESMS junior school holiday club in Edinburgh. Since 2015 Elena has facilitated singing classes in performing arts schools around London, such as Bodens, Theatretrain, Make Believe, Spotlight, Stagecoach and Razzamataz. From January 2019 Elena has been producing and running jazz singing courses for the Edinburgh Council.


Helen, Jazz Singing Course, Edinburgh Council, Edinburgh

Elena is a very committed teacher and such a hard worker. She provided a wonderful grounding in singing technique and also the opportunity for the class to practice and develop what she taught. Congratulations on finding such a talented tutor.

Suzanne, Folk singer, London

Wow, what can I say, Elena is a vocal guru! I have sung for many years but no-one has ever explained to me so clearly the importance of regular vocal exercise and now I truly get it! My voice became much stronger and brighter just after a few sessions! Love it, can't wait for the next one!

Sophie, Musician, Edinburgh

I really enjoyed Elena's jazz singing course. She explains things really clearly and gives great training exercises which you can practice at home. There is absolutely something to be learned for singers of all ages and abilities.

Jeremy, Guitarist, London

Elena's singing classes have really helped build my confidence as a singer. They are well structured, enjoyable and full of useful tips and excercises. Each class looks at a different aspect of singing technique, and is followed up with a summary of the lesson and ideas for further practice. Highly recommended!

Dalia, London

I have attended a few group and private singing lessons with Elena. It was a lot of fun and engaging, she is very encouraging, passionate and caring! Great way to start singing or just practice."

Shaun, Edinburgh

Elena is fantastic. Went into the lesson feeling very nervous and unsure if I could sing at all, but Elena changed that for me instantly. She immediately made me feel very comfortable and made me see immediate results as well. Would highly recommend taking lessons with her, as she is lovely and you will hear results almost instantly.

Kelly, Edinburgh

Had a great lesson with Elena, the lesson had a good format and she explained everything really thoroughly. My singing voice already sounds better!

Kenny, Sound Engineer, London

Elena is amazing at what she does, the way she breaks down the techniques makes it easy for the learners to understand and she always keeps the lessons fresh and interesting. Plus she actually has a passion for helping people which makes the lesson so much better because you have a teacher who cares

Anna, Musician, Edinburgh

I've really enjoyed doing the four week course at Summerhall. Elena is a great teacher: the classes are fun and I feel inspired to sing like her. She works hard to make sure her students are well equipped to continue to learn independently.

Anton, Graphic Designer, London

Thank you so much for a wonderful session! Well-structured, informative and inspirational class!

Lesley, Teacher, Edinburgh

I have really loved singing in this group. Elena offers great advice on how to develop as a singer. She has made me more aware of techniques to enhance performance and style and I have grown in confidence. She's warm and bubbly too! Give it a try!

Susan, Teacher, Edinburgh

In what was a relatively short time, I felt I learned a great deal from Elena and developed my confidence enormously. She is an excellent, patient teacher who deconstructs many elements of singing techniques in a very practical and useful way. It was a most enjoyable session.

Kim, London

I've attended two lessons and am very impressed by the teacher! She has a fantastic voice and although I am not a jazz fan particularly, I am enjoying trying to sing in a jazz style.

Malcolm, Edinburgh

Elena is an excellent voice coach, charming and enthusiastic. She is helping me greatly to start out on a new interest, jazz singing.

Vanessa, Edinburgh

I had my first lesson with Elena and would highly recommend her. Her explanations are very clear and her teaching style is engaging. I felt relaxed and welcomed by her. I got a great deal out of my lesson through her careful observations and knowledge.

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