About Elena
Songwriter / Vocal Coach / Arts Manager

Elena Dana is the UK, London-based, singer-songwriter, vocal coach, and arts manager. 

Originally from Ukraine, Elena blends gypsy and jazz sounds together in an authentic cinematic genre. Working regularly with London-based musicians and promoters of world music, Elena provides a broad music programme on demand for corporate functions and cultural events. 

Elena teaches the art of vocals on regular basis and runs a bespoke Artist Development Programme for singers of all levels, called Bird on the BirchAs an arts manager, Elena produced a number of creative events for the local community of visual artists and musicians, promoting new artists. Portfolio of events Elena organised can be found on her blog here.

Elena is educated at the British Academy of New Music as Music Educator, awarded the Master of Arts from the City University and BA (Hons) from LSBU in Arts Management, and trained as a Performing Artist at the Kiev Stage School, KGUC.

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Elena's Music