About Elena
Songwriter / Vocal Coach / Arts Manager

Elena Dana is a singer-songwriter, vocal coach, and an arts manager. 

Blending gypsy and jazz sounds together, Dana skilfully brings out her authentic sound in every song she sings, adding sincerity and passion, and by thus, creating the cinematic genre of its own. 

Currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Elena has spent most of her creative years in the capital of the UK, London. Elena's roots are from Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria and Belarus, and traveling around the world Dana gathered music influences from every culture she encountered, learning from the best! 

Working intensively with the UK based musicians and promoters of the world music, Elena has put together a vibrant music programme on demand for corporate functions and cultural events, from the repertoire of Romani Gypsy, Jazz, and Russian Romance.

On a regular basis, Elena teaches the art of vocals based on Seth Riggs' and runs a bespoke Artist Development Programme Bird on the Birch, producing a number of creative events for the local community. Portfolio of events Elena has put together can be found on the BoB blog.

Elena is educated at the British Academy of New Music as a Music Educator, awarded a Master of Arts from the City University and BA (Hons) from LSBU in Arts Management, and trained as a Performing Artist at the Kiev Stage School, КГУЭЦИ. 

Until then, Elena has been awarded four festival laureate diplomas from children's singing contests in Ukraine, singing relentlessly in youth chorus, ensembles and bands since she was five. 

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