About Elena
Vocal Coach / Vocalist / Songwriter

Elena Dana is a Vocal Coach, Vocalist and a Songwriter. 

Currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Elena performs, coaches singers and writes music for living. Elena teaches the craft of vocals based on Seth Riggs' speech method and runs a bespoke Artist Development Programme Bird on the Birch (BoB), which produces creative events, vocal training workshops and classes for the vocalists of all levels and abilities. 

Elena was educated in London, as a Music Educator at the British Academy of New Music, awarded Masters of Arts from the City University and BA (Hons) from LSBU in Arts Management, and trained in Performing Arts as a Vocalist and an Actor, at the Kiev Stage School. 

Working relentlessly during the last ten years with the UK based musicians and promoters of the World Music, Elena has put together a vibrant music programme on demand for corporate functions and cultural events, from the repertoires of Jazz standards, Russian Romani Gypsy and Russian Romance, promoted hundreds of songwriters and musicians, has organised a number of music and art events, and set up her own pop-up school of vocals.

Elena's Music