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Vocalist / Songwriter / Vocal Coach

Elena Dana is a Vocalist, Singer-songwriter and a Vocal Coach. 

For the last three months Elena has been based in Edinburgh, Scotland where she is planning to stay for at least a year. Most of her creative years, however, Elena spent in the capital of the UK, London, where she was educated as a Music Educator at the British Academy of New Music, and awarded Masters of Arts from the City University and BA (Hons) from LSBU in Arts Management. Earlier in life Elena was trained in Performing Arts as a Vocalist of contemporary genre and an actor for theatre, at the Kiev Stage School, КГУЭЦИ. 

Working intensively during the last ten years with the UK based musicians and promoters of the World Music, Elena has put together a vibrant music programme on demand for corporate functions and cultural events, from the repertoires of Romani Gypsy, Jazz, and Russian Romance.

On a regular basis, Elena teaches the art of vocals based on Seth Riggs' speech method and runs a bespoke Artist Development Programme Bird on the Birch (BoB) producing creative events, singing workshops and vocal training classes for the local arts community. 

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And a bit more.

Elena discovered her passion for singing when she was a little kid, whilst singing with her family at local music events in a Ukrainian town, Berdyansk, where she was born. Strongly inspired by her  uncle, a professional piano musician & vocalist, and a musical grandfather, who played the accordion and balalaika, Elena joined a local Music School and a kids choir, when she was only five. She then went on to become a soloist of a youth band at the age of ten, and shortly after was professionally trained in jazz by a local vocal coach. 

As a youngster, Elena performed at local festivals, concerts and singing contests with a standard 'Summer Time' by Gershwin accompanied by a local Jazz orchestra 'Chaika', and later on with original compositions by local songwriters to backing tracks put together by local musicians, winning national, regional and local laureate awards.

Carrying on with her passion, Elena started writing her own songs with a guitar when she was fourteen, and toured with her EP around the UK, USA, South America and Europe.

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