About Elena Dana
Music Educator / Songwriter/ Cultural Manager

Elena Dana is a professional music educator, songwriter and cultural manager

Educated to a Masters Degree, Elena has been trained as a Music Educator at the British Academy of New Music, as a performing artist at the Kiev Stage School and as a Cultural Manager at the City University, London.

Travelling around the world and meeting many inspirational people along the way, Elena has acquired much influence from the world music genre. She has generously shared heart-felt lyrical compositions in her singing performances while touring around the UK, USA, South America, India and Europe between 2007-2017. Blending the jazz and gypsy music genres together, Elena has introduced a cinematic sound to her original songs, while interpreting jazz standards in an elegant forties style.

Over the last twelve years, Elena has promoted and coached over a hundred songwriters, musicians and aspiring singers while organising regular events to showcase their talent, and set up four pop-up schools dedicated to vocal training. 

Local community orientated, the pop-up school project was set up in aid of opening access to an adult learner of all abilities, and has featured a number of professionals from different performing arts disciplines who have kindly shared their experiences on the subject

From Sep 2019 Elena‘s vocal training project is also documented and shared in video format to Patreon subscribers for continuous self-guided training.

Elena's Music